Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering


Research was conducted to determine if small amounts of non-ionic surfactants present in the papermaking furnish would effect fine particle retention.

The Britt Jar was used for the first part of this experiment to determine if the surfactant would affect the retention. The surfactant was tested at six different concentrations and no detrimental effects were seen.

Subsequent Britt Jar experiments were used to determine the effects of shear, and the effects of retention aids. These experiments were conducted primarily to see if they were interacting some way with the surfactant. The results showed no interaction.

The final part of the experiment was to use the pilot papermachine to see if the results obtained in the Britt Jar would correlate to the pilot machine. The results from the pilot machine confirmed those found using the Britt Jar.

Therefore one can conclude that these non-ionic surfactants did not effect the retention on the papermachine. Before one would see any retention loss there would be substantial foaming on the papermachine. This contradicts previous theories that small amounts of surfactants would affect the retention.