Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering


The thesis:: experiment attempted to show the effect talc and bentonite had on reducing the reagglomeration of sticky particles, and to discover which of the 2 fillers was more effective.

Trials were made using the mechanical action of the blender and heat to break up and disperse the hot-melt adhesive. Talc or bentonite was then added and tested to determine their effectiveness on the subsequent reagglomeration of sticky particles during mixing.

It was shown that as addition of either talc or bentonite gave a significant reduction in the reagglomeration of the hot-melt adhesive particles.

Results showed that bentonite gave better overall test results. However, these results may be misleading due to the experimental error associated with this thesis procedure.

The electron microscope was used to show the adhesion of talc and bentonite onto the surface of the hot-melt adhesive.