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Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering



The use of secondary fiber as a source of raw material in the paper industry is now an important reality ingrained into papermaking. The reasons for using secondary fiber are many and diversified but most point to economy as the primary factor. With wood and virgin pulp becoming more expensive, secondary fiber will undoubtedly maintain its place in the industry and may increase in the future. Total paper production is approaching 88,000,000 tons. Of this total only 23,000,000 is recycled. With nearly 64% of total paper production going to waste either through landfill, incineration or other disposal methods it is obvious that a lot of resources are being lost and wasted. (19) Recovery is mostly motivated by economic incentives however. As virgin pulp and wood costs rise, secondary fiber use becomes more attractive. At times like the present, with virgin pulp prices bottoming out less demand is created for secondary fiber. (16) Recovery can be attractive from several standpoints; capitol costs are generally less than a regular pulp mill, mill space is also less, raw material sources may be closer at hand especially in urban areas, some favorable pulp qualities may also be obtained using secondary fiber. Lower energy requirements are another factor. (16)