Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering


The objective of this thesis was to explore the use of ultrasonic frequencies as a mechanism for refining. Through cooperation with the Intex Corporation, an ultrasonic cleaning apparatus, that was easily adaptable to.use as a refiner, was borrowed. The experimental procedure indicated that ultrasonic refining coupled with mechanical ·refining produced a sheet with improved tear, tensil, fold and opacity characteristics. The burst, however, was slightly lower. An interesting phenomenon that occurred was the plateauing effect that is observed, most distinctly on the graphs of burst and tensil vs. freeness. this plateau seems to be a phenomenon where the maximum value of a test is held relatively constant over a wide freeness range. The peaking, and quick fall off that occurs with mechanical refining is not present with ultrasonic refining. One problem that exists is that the ultrasonic power requirements appear to be relatively high.