Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering


This thesis involved the study of the effects on gloss of moisture, temperature, and particle size of styrene butadiene bound pigmented coatings. Variables investigated were substrate absorbancy, latex particle size, moisture content and calendar stack temperature. Substrate absorbancy was varied by comparing an unsized 70 g/m 2 paper base sheet to a polymer drafting film (mylar). Latex particle size was varied by method of emulsion manufacture so that each was uniform and monodispersed. Moisture content was varied by allowing the sheets to come to equilibrium in a room where the humidity was changed. The temperature of the calendar stack was changed with an electric heating coil. An Ircon infrared temperature recorder was used to monitor the stack temperature.

It was found that an increase in calendar stack temperature increased coating gloss for all cases studied. The statistical analysis of data obtained in this study showed moisture content significantly interacted with temperature such that coating gloss could be adversely affected at the lower temperatures studied. For the higher temperatures studied, increases in moisture content always led to increases in coating gloss. Coating opacity was found to decrease with increasing temperature and/or increasing moisture content. It is recommended that since this study showed temperature and moisture content. It is recommended that since this study showed temperature and moisture content significantly interacted to effect the development of styrene-butadiene bound pigmented coating gloss, that further studies similar in scope to this one be conducted on other binders used in the coating industry.