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Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering


The purpose of this study was to observe the relationship that steam dispersion has upon water holding characteristics of a starch/clay system. It is proposed that the amount of dispersion during and after depolymerization of starch will have a direct relationship with water retention. The water retention values were measured on a modified Warren tester. It was found that excess steam dispersion of the starch increased the water retention values of the coatings. However, water retention values were found to be very sensitive to %solids of the starch/clay slurry, that is, as %solids decreased, water retention of the coatings decreased. Furthermore, water retention of the coating color did not correlate with viscosity but rather to the dispersion of degree of dispersion of the starch. Also, with good starch dispersion of the starch. Also, with good starch dispersion in the slurry, groups of starch molecules, mainly hydroxyl ions can interact with water producing high water retention values. This is in the case of low %starch on water. In high levels of %starch on water these hydroxyl groups tend to associate with themselves instead of the water, leaving the water to penetrate freely into the sheet of paper resulting in very low water retention values.