Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering

First Advisor

John M. Fisher


In the past, the consequences of overdrying have been examined with the drying theory. This study was designed to look at the effects of overdrying on handsheets. Comparison of the dimensional change and strength properties was made between two sets of handsheets, one conditioned in the humidity room and the other overdried at 90°C for four hours. The handsheets used in this experiment were made from five types of furnishes: Hardwood Kraft, Softwood Kraft, Hardwood Kraft and Softwood Kraft combination, and two different percentages of TiO2 added to Softwood Kraft. The dimensional stability was measured by the Neenah Expansimeter. The Tappi Standard Testing Procedures were used to test the physical properties to the handsheets. The results of this study showed that overdrying improved the dimensional stability and tensile strength, yet reduced a certain amount of mullen, tear and fold in handsheets.