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Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering


The need for using less expensive raw materials is ever increasing. Here the use of hardwood sawdust as one of these raw materials was investigated for use in Semichemical Corrugating Medium. It was found that 20 to 30% sawdust could be used in the furnish without a significant loss in sheet strength. It was also found that sawdust could be pulped either separately or combined with hardwood chips giving the same product quality. This was accomplished by either a regular neutral sulfite semichemical cook or by a vapor phase cook. The conventional disk refiner was found to do the best job of refining, when the plate clearance is very close. The use of 20 to 30% sawdust in the furnish could lead to a substantial cost savings, and would aid in pollution control in that it would end the disposal problem of the sawdust.