Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Pulp and Paper Technology


Paper made from bleached sulphite and sulphate pulps and then treated with sodium alginate and antimony resin solutions show far less physical and chemical degradation with heat than these same papers when not treated with these solutions. Sodium alginate and antimony resins solutions appear to inhibit degradation up to 175C for 45 minutes but are not effective when the papers are heated to 210 C for 45 minutes. The paper made with bleached sulphate pulp and saturated with sodium alginate solution showed an appreciable increase in folding strength when heated at 175C for 45 minutes, which is most unusual.

The presence of iron which might come from process water appears to negate the effect of alginate and antimony solutions and should be held to a minimum when making paper meant for unusual heat resistance.

Aquapel-kymene 557 sizing solution either inhibits chemical degradation as measured by the copper number test or else interferes with the test by blocking the reducing groups which are generally regarded as products of degredation. Upon heating the Aquapel-kymene 557 complex must break down and aid in degradation of the sample as shown by the copper number.

The permanence of paper might be enhanced if treated by the methods prescribed in this report. The utility of papers used for winding electric wires, for paper plates and for use on Virkotype presses might be improved with these treatments.