Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Pulp and Paper Technology


A preliminary investigation on bamboo pulping by Semi-Keebra process reveals that a higher pulp yield than that obtained by most of the known methods of pulping bamboo can be attained by Semi-Keebra process.* The chemical requirement for pulping is lower than the conventional processes and the spent liquor also contains a higher per cent of solids. The pulp obtained by Semi-Keebra pulp would also require a considerable lesser time for obtaining the desired freeness value, resulting in lower power consumption for stock preparation, than that for the conventional sulphate bamboo pulp of bleachable grade. A comparison of the various hand-sheet properties of the two pulps show that all properties other than density and breaking length are, however, lower in the case of Semi-Keebra bamboo pulp. It is, however, hoped that further investigation on optimum condition of Semi-Keebra process for bamboo pulping would show some further improvement in the strength properties.