Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering


The objectives of this investigation were as follows:

1. To see the general effects of electron beam radiation on paper.

2. To see the effect of varying lignin content of paper as it pertains to electron beam radiation.

3. To see the effects of possible protecting compounds.

It was clearly shown by this investigation that electron beam radiation has detrimental effects on paper. Decreases in brightness, tensile, tear, burst, and fold were observed along with an increase in yellowness. It was also shown that the greatest percentage of damage occurred during low dosage (

The investigation also showed that as the amount of lignin in paper increases or decreases, there is no general trend for brightness, tensile, tear, burst, and fold to increase or decrease.

The investigation also showed that the three chemicals, Tinuvin 328, Tinuvin 292, and Irganox 2020 from the CibaGeigy Corp. only protect the sheet at addition levels about 2% addition and have a detrimental affect below 2% addition. Up to a 20% increase in strenth was observed at 5-7% addition levels. The chemicals were also detrimental in that they hurt the brightness and yellowness.