Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering


The object of this report is to explore the area of flotation as a means of removing hot adhesive from recycled paper stock. The major area of research resolved around choosing a surfactant capable of good performance in enhancing the flotation of adhesive and minimizing fiber loss. This surfactant was chosen by using a combination of zeta - potential studies and a flotation study in which 3 surfactants were screened. The highest performance was given by Rohm and Haas Triton N-100 followed respectively by X-114 and X-165. Even though all the surfactants had approximately the same high level of adhesive removal, the performance difference was manifest in the area of fiber loss. It was then concluded that a nonionic surfactant with a larger hydrophobic chain will have a smaller rate of fiber loss as the level of surfactant addition increases and the oxyethylene group is varied in size.