Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering


The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of certain drying variables on some physical strength properties when these variables were controlled to bring about overdrying conditions. The variables under study were length of time and degree of temperature in relation to amount of drying produced. The results were then related to dimensional stability, tensile, stretch and mullen in an attempt to establish a relationship of overdrying to these physical characteristics.

The dimensional stability was run on the Neenah Multiple Specimen Expansimeter with tensile, stretch and mullen all run according to respective Tappi Standards.

From the study it was discovered that overdrying actually produces a more dimensionally stable sheet, but at the same time causes decreases in the other studied properties.

Mullen readings were down two points in the low temperature group which corresponds to a decrease of 16 percent while the high temperature group recorded a 3 1/2 point drop or 28 percent decrease from control readings.

Stretch decreased from a 2.5 percent control value to 1.1 percent in the low temperature group and 1.0 percent in the high temperature range.

Tensile was reduced from a 5.4 control value an average of 1.6 points for the low temperature group and 1.7 points for the high temperature.