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Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering


The trend of industry, in general, today is one of recycling. This is brought about as a means of conserving our dwindling natural resources and to help abate the pollution problem.

The design of this paper is to see if enzymes can be used successfully and economically in the deinking process of newsprint. Varying concentrations of enzymes, both an amylase and a protease, and a biodegradable detergent were used in a handsheet study. Temperature and pH were controlled so as to not denature the enzymes. It was found that the brightness increase was only minimal with a protease and brightness actually decreased with an amylase. The physical strength characteristics were also found to decrease with the addition of the enzymes.

Therefore, it was concluded that there is very little prospect of enzymes being used in the deinking process to increase brightness or to strengthen the physical properties of newsprint.