Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering


This study examines the use of a solvent and water emulsion to deink waste paper. Solvents looked at in detail included napthalene and paradichlorobenzene. Various grades of waste paper were tested for deinkability including, coated and heavily printed magazine cover stock, plastic coated SES board, beer case stock with hotmelts, uncoated and unfilled stock printed with a neutral black ink, old corrigating medium filled with hotmelts and stickies, and finally, board printed with UV-cured inks. Most of these samples deinked very well.

Brightness and appearance were the basis for measuring deinkability. Yield was also tabulated for selected experiments. As a spin-off from these experiments it was possible to consider the use of these solvents in a 100% solvent deinking system.