Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Pulp and Paper Technology


Five different types of coated papers were photomicrographed, namely cast coated, roll coated, trailing blade coated, air brush coated, and brush coated grades.

All cast coated papers were found to be extremely smooth and essentially free of pattern.

Roll coated papers displayed a microscopic pattern which resembled the magnified surface of an orange peel.

Trailing blade coated papers displayed sharp-edged pits and, in some cases, scuffed surfaces.

Air brush coated papers had a microscopic pattern which resembled the non-magnified surface of a pie crust.

Brush coated papers closely resembled air brush coated papers microscopically, however, they also carried a macroscopic pattern of brush marks which distinguished them from the air brush coated grades.

It was concluded that various types of coating processes leave typical patterns which may be used in conjunction with other characteristics of the paper to identify the particular coating process used.