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Bachelor of Science


Silanes have been used as coupling agents between inorganic reinforcements (such as clay) and polymer composites such as rubber and plastic for the past few years. The rubber industry uses silane-treated kaolin as reinforcements for SBR tires.

It is possible that silane-treated kaolin may provide desirable crosslinking properties in coatings used in the paper industry. This would provide strength to the coating and possibly maintain optical properties upon supercalendering. This study shows this may be possible from increased pick resistance with silane-treated kaolin coatings and a protein binder. These same coatings also yielded less ink absorption with silane-treated kaolins. Latex coatings with silane-treated kaolins yield better opacity but show no increase in pick resistance. Overall results of the study show possibilities for future work in using silane-treated kaolins for paper coating.