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Bachelor of Science


The application of a coating is expected to increase basepaper strength by a mechanism of adhesive penetration and enhancement of interfiber bonding similar to the strength improvements seen with size press treatments. It was felt, therefore, that the amount of strength improvement could be used as a measure of binder migration into the sheet. Pigmented and nonpigmented coatings were applied to a basepaper with a keegan coater. The pigment used was a predispersed clay, and the adhesive was a low viscosity polyvinyl alcohol. Both types of coatings produced statistically significant strength increases (up to 15% increase in tensile strength) over the levels of adhesive application. However, the amount of adhesive applied, and could not be used to measure binder migration. This study did, however, lead to a new theory to explain the strength improvement due to coating film formation and PVA-clay bridging.