Date of Award


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Bachelor of Science


A study was made comparing papers dyed in a rosin/alum sized system to papers dyed in two alkaline sized systems. The alkaline sizes chosen were alkyl ketene dimer and alkenyl succinic anhydride. The dye types studied were acid, basic, anionic direct, and cationic direct. The degree of sizing was varied for each sizing type to see if the amount of sizing would effect dye retention. The papers dyed with anionic and cationic direct dyes and the basic dye were not significantly effected by sizing type of sizing degree. The direct dyes did give a lighter shade when the rosin size was used. The acid dye was the only dye type that was effected by sizing degree. For all three sizings, the color of the acid dye became darker with increased sizing. Unexpectedly, the acid dye was retained when alkyl ketene dimer was used as a sizing, even without the aid of a mordant.