Date of Award


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Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering


The objective of this laboratory study is to quantitatively analyze the distribution of adhesive during drying at different rates. The effect of binder migration on physical paper coating properties was also studied. This report reviews past laboratory studies on binder migration, and the factors that affect binder migration. The coating application was done on a laboratory keegan coater. Dried coating was physically removed using a surface grinder, and the grind offs were analyzed for latex concentration, to determine the degree of binder migration. A gravimetric method of analysis was used to separate the latex and clay. Results showed that the degree of binder migration was proportional to drying rates. The physical coating properties of gloss, ink absorption, and opacity were found to be inversely proportional to the surface concentration of binder. In conclusion, gravimetric analysis could be satisfactorily used for binder migration studies, provided that an accurate method of abraiding the coating is available. The main purpose of this study is to gain an understanding of the mechanism of binder migration during drying at different rates.