Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


The objective of my thesis was to determine the optimal process for recycling one-time carbon snap out forms. The emphasis of my project was placed on attempting to remove the ink present in these forms. In so doing, it was felt that the recovered ink-free fiber might be useful in an industrial application.

Through experimentation in the laboratory it was found that flotation deinking did an adequate job removing ink. Furthermore, other methods considered such as solvent deinking and cyclone cleaners did not do an acceptable job removing ink. It can be concluded that flotation deinking will do an acceptable job at removing ink from one-time carbon snap out forms.

It is recommended that flotation deinking utilizing the Voith Morden Deinking Cell be recognized as the optimum process for deinking one-time carbon snap out forms. The chemicals which were found to give the best results were caustic sodium silicate, potassium soap, and Triton X-100.