Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Ellsworth Shriver


Recycling is a major concern in the nineties, and therefore wastepaper recycling is also in the spotlight. This concern has made it necessary to explore new ways to handle wastepaper. Steam-explosion is a possible pulping process that has the capabilities of handling grades that previously have not been used.

The effects of steam-explosion on 100% laser and Xerox printed paper were studied and the resulting optical properties determined. Chemical addition, residence time, pressure, and dispersant level were varied in the steam-explosion trials. A Morton Slush Maker was used to simulate conventional hydra-pulping for comparison with the steam-explosion pulp.

Steam-explosion removes the toner from laser and Xerox printed paper and disperses these particles in the pulp. Sodium hydroxide used during steam-explosion pulping reduces the toner particle size and when used with sodium sulphite pulp brightness is also improved.