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Bachelor of Science


This study was undertaken to investigate the effects of a beater deposited latex on the relationship of basis weight versus fold endurance. An exhaustive survey of past and current literature regarding nearly all aspects of fold endurance as related to basis weight was completed. Two areas of fold endurance were investigated. These were basis weight versus fold endurance for virgin handsheets and basis weight versus fold endurance for sheets containing various levels of beater deposited latex.

The virgin handsheet work served to corroborate past work by others in this area. Fold endurance appeared to become less dependent on basis weight as basis weight increased. Also verified was the duplicity problem when performing fold endurance on the MIT tester. Twenty percent error in a given fold value was not uncommon.

The beater deposition attempts, while yielding no direct information, served to point out the delicate nature of just such an attempt. Several latex/deposition aid systems were tried with only minimal success. This study served to highlight the delicate nature of successful monitoring of the performance of a beater deposited anionic latex.

Future work should include the use of a single component cationic latex system. The use of a cationic material would reduce the number of chemical additives used and should also be self-substantive to the fiber in most paper-making conditions.