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Bachelor of Science


Polymeric organic dispersants are now being used to replace all or part of the inorganic dispersants currently is use for pigmented coatings. They are generally recommended for hard-to-disperse or for special applications where unusual coating requirements must be obtained.

This study showed the effect of some of these auxiliary dispersants when used with tetrasodium pyrephosphate (TSPP) to disperse domestic clay.

The results of this study showed that the most effective type of dispersants for this application are the acrylic-based polymers. The lignosulfate derivative and styrene maleic anhydride did not look as good as the acrylic-based polymers. When used in coatings with straight TSPP as a control, the acrylic-based dispersants gave lower initial coating viscosity, better viscosity stability with respect to time, temperature and pH and lower rate of reagglomeration of clay particles.