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Bachelor of Science


Flexographic printing is a direct printing from the plate to the paper. This process has been growing during the last few years, especially in the newspaper area. One of the problems in the industry today, however, is the lack of good paper specifications for the flexographic printing process. The objective of this project was to gather samples of good flexographic newsprint, and to test them for paper properties in order to determine a set of paper specifications for flexographic newsprint. Also, lithographic (the predominant printing process in the newspaper industry) newsprint samples were gathered in order to compare between the flexographic specifications and a set of lithographic specifications.

These papers were tested and specifications were designed from the data, and comparisons were made between the two types of newsprints. The paper properties which seemed to differ the most between the lithographic newsprint and the flexographic newsprint, and appear to be the best judge of a good flexographic paper are: smoothness, brightness, opacity, and strength properties. Further work should be done in this area with more time and more equipment.