Date of Award


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Bachelor of Science


Pulp and Paper Technology


With the ever-increasing threat of insufficient virgin pulp to supply the world market of the future, a renewed interest in deinked pulp as a supplement has begun. Although this solution seems to be very practical and inexpensive, it is not without its many problems, one of which being its environmental impact. This problem along with others can usually be solved in time as can be represented by the development of flotation deinking. This process and others like it are increasingly replacing the old washing method which has a history of being a high energy and water user. The method of flotation deinking is relatively new and so this field of study is wide open to research and new ideas.

The purpose of this paper is twofold. The main intent is to discover the differences, if any, in flotation deinking of newsprint which has been printed by two different processes, letterpress versus offset. The concurrent study is the evaluation of some current market flotation chemicals of which two of them with the best results will be used for the bleaching study of this experiment.