Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Pulp and Paper Technology


The purpose of this exercise was to investigate the use of Hot-Soft calendering as a means of pre-treatment for lightweight coated grades. The hot-soft calendering was performed at three temperatures and pressures to give nine test groups. These groups along with one non-treated sample, were coated with the same coating and under the same conditions. Testing was performed on the uncoated base stock, the coated paper, and the coated paper after supercalendering.

The results showed that the hot-soft calendering, prior to coating, was beneficial to gloss only at higher temperatures and pressures. At lower temperatures and pressures, no significant change was seen. Smoothness levels, of the base stock and the coated paper, were increased with the use of hot~soft calendering. The pre-treated paper, after coating and supercalendering was less smooth than the non-pre-treated base stock.