Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Pulp and Paper Technology


In today's economy, more and more papermills are becoming increasingly concerned with white water reuse. White water is most frequently used for fan pump dilution, and consistency regulation. This white water usually comes strictly from the tray boxes of the paper machine. It was suggested that the white water from the press section could be reused. It was suggested to me by Dan Kaiser, of Ronningen-Petter, that this could be accomplished by using their Cyclospray filter. The testing run showed that the unit is very effective in removing the fibrous contaminants from the press section water. I found the unit to be very easy to run and relatively maintenance free. This means that it would not put an extra burden on the mill personnel. I then did further work at Ronningen-Petter to verify my original results. The results of this testing can be found in the addendum at the end of this report.