Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Pulp and Paper Technology


In order to study the fate of hemicelluloses in sulfite pulping, a full survey of the reactions involved and the techniques which have been successful in promoting the retention of the hemicelluloses was carried out. Experimentation then followed with wood analysis, pulping and analysis of the three pulps produced. From the results it can be seen that either a determination of the pentosans or of hemicelluloses will illuminate the relative amount of hemicelluloses in a set of samples. However, the hemicellulose value is more reliable for sulfite pulp. The total yield of a pulp is greatly increased by starting the cook at an alkaline pH and allowing the acidity to increase as the cook proceeds. At the lowered pH level, the hemicelluloses are redeposited on the cellulose fibers to increase the yield.