Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Pulp and Paper Technology


This experiment attempted to reveal the role temperature plays on the removal of hot melt adhesive from corrugated medium.

Three repulping trials were conducted· on stock containing a previous applied EVA base hotmelt. The trials were conducted at the following temperatures: 160°F, 100°F and 40°F. The stock was then screened and centrifical cleaned at varying temperatures.

Handsheets were made before and after each stage, and visually inspected for hot melt content. Trial 2A gave a final sheet with virtually no hot melt content.

Further lab work was conducted. At 160 ° the hot melt was found to tear into pieces. At 40° it was cold and fractured during repulping but at 100° the hot melt was durable to withstand the hydrapulper action and remained in large pieces easily removable.