Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Pulp and Paper Technology


The work on this thesis has been conducted for the purpose of investigating the effect of two variables on the printability of a bleached softwood sulphate sheet; using a moisture setting ink. The two variables are: (1) rosin sizing, (2) furnish, namely, varying amounts of bleached hardwood sulphate fibers.

Handsheets were made in the laboratory with four levels of rosin sizing. and increasing amounts of hardwood fibers. The amounts of hardwood fibers ranged from zero to 100 percent with two intermediate percentages.

The calendered handsheets were then printed and visually inspected for quality of printing obtained. Other tests. carried out on the sheets were, Carson Curl Size Test, Gurley Softness Test. Bausch and Lomb Opacity, Bekk Smoothness, and Caliper.

The experimental results indicate the following: (l) rosin sizing does not affect printability, when using a moisture setting ink (2) quality of printing varies with varying amounts of hardwood fibers when using a moisture setting ink.