Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Pulp and Paper Technology

First Advisor

Dr. James E. Kline


In this study the feasibility of using alginate compounds in latex coating slurries to control migration so as to improve the coating properties of the latex is discussed. In the past, starch and casein have been used in an attempt to alleviate streaking, blade build-up and premature drying, but they have not performed in an entirely satisfactory way, particularly with higher concentrations of solids. Considerable evidence is presented to indicate that the use of alginate additives will enhance both the coating ability and the coating properties of latex, even when high concentrations of solids are present.

In addition, a new method, using the Perkins-Elmer infrared spectrascope, for measuring migration is introduced. The greatest asst here is that the method can be used without other special equipment and can be applied after the coatings have been completely processed.