Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Pulp and Paper Technology

First Advisor

Dr. A. H. Nadelman


A survey has been prepared covering the literature on the cold caustic soda pulping of Eucalyptus saligna. The survey was broadened to include pulping of all species of Eucalyptus by this particular process.

Experimental pulping of Eucalyptus saligna by the cold caustic soda process under a variety of conditions as well as pulping of aspen wood under one condition led to the following conclusions:

(a) Eucalyptus saligna is suitable for the manufacture of cold caustic soda pulp.

(b) alkali concentration of 30 grams per liter on full size chips of Eucalyptus saligna produces the best strength properties and fairly good yield.

(c) The use of crushed chips is not advisable at higher alkali concentrations since a loss of strength results. Where low alkali concentrations are used, the crushing of chips improves liquor penetration with a reduction in the quantity of screen rejects.

(d) In no case did the Eucalyptus pulps reach the strength of aspen pulp under the conditions of the experiment.