All dissertations completed at Western Michigan University are entered into ScholarWorks. Some may be embargoed or restricted by the authors and may be only available from on-campus computers. Print copies are available through interlibrary loan for dissertations before 2013. If you have any questions, please contact


Dissertations from 2021

Any Other Place, Marquita Kai Harris

Dissertations from 2020


The Home for Children Who Cannot Speak, Ariel Berry

Light-Echo, Robert Evory

Behind the Higher Hill: A Novel, Bradford Kammin


Migratory Sound, Sara Lupita Olivares

Dissertations from 2016


Culturally Relevant Education for Rural Schools: Creating Relevancy in Rural America, Joshua J. Anderson

Ghost Notes, Scott M. Bade


On Myrtle: A Novel, Laurie Ann Cedilnik

Subjective Selves: Visual Metaphor and the Figure of the Artist in Contemporary Comics, Catherine Kyle

All Roads, Colleen O’Brien


Paris Burn, Iliana Rocha


The Night We Set the Dead Kid on Fire, Ephraim Scott Sommers