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Over the past year (September 1, 2008 through August 31, 2009) participants in the Fort St. Joseph Archaeological Project continued field work, analysis, publication, public education, and outreach in an effort to engage the community in the pursuit of a better understanding of the fur trade and colonialism in southwest Michigan. The project remains guided by the philosophy of community service learning in which students provide a community service and learn through civic engagement. Fort St. Joseph is becoming a household name in the region thanks to the publicity and promotional activities that are designed to encourage public involvement. The project continues to attract partners, sponsors, and community interest due in no small part to Western Michigan University’s ongoing and steadfast support and the tireless efforts of the Fort St. Joseph Archaeology Advisory Committee, the body responsible for recommending and promoting the course of action for site development. The culminating events of each year are the field investigations, conducted in conjunction with the Department of Anthropology’s annual archaeological field school; the summer camps for middle/high school students and credit/noncredit adults sponsored in conjunction with the Fort St. Joseph Museum; and the annual open house. In May we launched our new website at to increase our visibility and educate a wider audience. The purpose of this report is to summarize the activities conducted over the past year and highlight the contributions of various supporters who make the project possible.