Document Type


Publication Date

Spring 2012


Vol. 3. No. 1

For friends of Western Michigan University’s Fort St. Joseph Archaeological Project

Table of Contents:

  • Welcome to the Project!
  • Society for Historical Archaeology 2011
  • Direct from the Lab...
  • Fur Trade Booklet Now Available!
  • A Report on the 2011 Field Season
  • French Cloth Seal Recovered at Fort St. Joseph, Michigan
  • The Digital Archaeological Record
  • Public Outreach: An Important Job
  • A Student’s Experience with Outreach
  • 2011 was the Best Year Yet!
  • Comments from 2011 Open House Surveys
  • Fort St. Joseph Archaeological Open House: A Colonial Militia Muster on the Eve of Revolution
  • Where Are They Now?
  • 2011 Field Season Collage