Analysis of Vocational Education and Training in Ukraine Since the Soviet Era

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Family and Consumer Sciences


Purpose: to explore how VET in Ukraine has changed since the Soviet era; to determine its structure, successes, and challenges.

Methodology: conducted interviews at 7 universities, 15 vocational schools, and 6 ancillary institutions in Ukraine.

Findings: Ukraine is struggling to establish itself as an independent, modern country; education includes elements from the Soviet era and contemporary European practices; the VET system is taking on the state-regulated bureaucratic model; it has mixed success mainly due to economic development; social support for secondary students is very strong.

Implications: Since Ukraine will eventually be a key player in international relations, it is important for scholars to understand how the VET system is developing.

Originality: provides an in-depth view of VET in this once closed country which is now susceptible to influence from Russia and Europe.

Acknowledgment: This article is the result of a project funded by the Faculty Research and Creative Activities Award of Western Michigan University which supported the travel related to the research.


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Zinsner, R. (2015). Analysis of VET in Ukraine since the Soviet era. Education and Training, 57(3).

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