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Kalamazoo County Elder Abuse Task Force,

A Western Michigan University gerontology class created a project which was composed of interviews with those who are in contact with vulnerable older adults, led by Janet S. Hahn, Ph.D. The students created a questionnaire based on occupation, knowledge and training on elder abuse, and if the professional had ever witnessed elder abuse personally without giving any identifiers.

The interviewees were recruited through the students’ personal contacts or willing participants from the Kalamazoo Area Professionals Focused on Aging organization. The interviews were geared at gaining recommendations from those in the field and also any improvements they suggest.

After the twenty-four interviews were completed, students were given a chance to make their own recommendations. The data were analyzed and complied by the Center for Gerontology’s Graduate Assistant, Jeana Brown.

An analysis of recommendations and training suggestions by professional field are included in this report. Recommendations from the students after completing the interviews are also included.

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