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The Role of an RNA-Binding Protein in Photosynthesis and RNA Editing

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Dr. Yan Lu


Biological Sciences

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RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) are important for RNA editing in living organisims. We recently found that plants lacking an RBP (RBP4) have a smaller size, yellow green leaves, reduced photosynthetic efficiency, and decreased abundances of photosynthetic proteins. Surprisingly, the corresponding messenger RNAs are either unchanged or increased. Next-generation sequencing of RNA populations showed that these plants have lower editing efficiencies at the PsbF and accD editing sites. PsbF is a core protein in photosystem II and accD is a key protein in fatty acid biosynthesis. Our hypothesis is that RBP4 is involved in editing of PsbF and accD messenger RNAs.


This poster was presented at the 2015 Western Michigan University Research and Creative Activities Poster Day. The poster and abstract are currently unavailable through ScholarWorks.

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