Spin Glass and its effect on Giant Magnetocaloric in a Ni41Mn39In12Co8 Alloy

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Pnina Ari-Gur


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Some Ni-Mn-In-Co alloy demonstrate merged magnetic and structural transformations. The associated large cooling (Giant Magnetocaloric Effect) makes them highly promising as refrigerants. In this research, one such alloy (Ni41Mn39In12Co8) was studied using neutron diffraction and thermomagnetic measurements. The high temperature phase austenite was cubic and the martensitic phase was a mix of two modulated monoclinic structures. Above the transformation, the alloy was ferromagnetic. Cooling to below 250 K causes the alloy to lose its ferromagnetic nature. The neutron diffraction results point ot spin-glass disorder in the martensitic phase, an important discovery because of its impact on the magnetic refrigeration capabilities.


This poster was presented at the 2015 Western Michigan University Research and Creative Activities Poster Day. The poster and abstract are currently unavailable through ScholarWorks.

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