Patterns of olfactory bulb cell genesis are altered with long-term partial deafferentation in adult zebrafish

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Dr. Christine Byrd-Jacob


Biological Sciences

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Intranasal irrigation with detergent in adult zebrafish diminishes innervation to the olfactory bulb and decreases bulb volume. Cessation of treatment permits reinnervation and recovery of bulb. We hypothesized that effects on bulb volume are due to alterations in cell genesis or migration of new cells into the bulb. Acute deafferentation revealed a bilateral increase in cell proliferation in the ventricular zone, while chronic deafferentation increaed proliferation only on the treated side. Chronic deafferentation revealed a bilateral increase in new cells migrating into the bulb. Reafferentation increased the number of new cells that migrate in both bulbs. Thus, deafferentation affects cell genesis patterns.


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