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Dr. Valerian Kwigizile


Civil and Construction Engineering

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Halation and irradiation make guide sign fonts hard to recognize. Drivers missing the needed information tend to be anxious and confused potentially causing fatal accidents. In order to avoid or mitigate the situation a newer font, Clearview, is installed to provide better readability in nighttime and from far distances. In a similar, context, the lack of brightness in sheeting material for warning signs leads to missing the cautionary information. Installation of fluorescent yellow sheeting provided signs with more noticeable and brighter materials. This study evaluates the effectiveness of the Clearview fonts along with fluorescent yellow sheeting installed in Michigan freeways. Through observational before and after studies Safety Performance Functions (SPFs) and Crash Modification Factors (CMFs) are developed and estimated, respectively. Thus crash reductions provided by the fonts and sheeting materials are presented. Significant reductions in total crashes (e.g. 24.10 % overall) are observed for different crash conditions including age, time of the day and crash severity.