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Dr. Mohamed Sultan



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The southwest portion of Saudi Arabia is rapidly growing (in size and population) especially in the Jazan Province, Saudi Arabia where they are currently building a multibillion-dollar economic city along the coast of the Red Sea. The area of focus for this project is the old city of Jazan, which is ~45 km south of the proposed economic city. The old city of Jazan is located on a peninsula that is located on a ~4 km2 salt dome or diapir structure that is located ~40 meters above the relatively flat surroundings. This study is aimed at assessing the land deformation caused by surface or near subsurface salt domes along the southern coastline of Saudi Arabia by using the integration of remote sensing and geophysical methods. Salt domes are important economically, but they can also act as a geologic hazard over time. The results from this study is to create a set of criteria for locating subsurface salt domes along the coastline of Saudi Arabia. The findings from this research can be applied to other salt basins around the world as a non-invasive and less expensive technique to locate potential domes that could be used economically as well as preventative action for future city planning.