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This paper documents a study of performance failures in Autophoretic® (A-coat or AP) coatings. As AP is a proprietary process and coating material, limited research has been published regarding the field performance of this coating technique. The specific failure under analysis in this study was corrosion. The study was performed at the request of a manufacturer that was experiencing pre-mature failures in the field on product coated using this process and material. Prepared samples were evaluated using several analysis techniques including, BET Gas Absorption Testing, Optical Microcroscopy, FE-SEM, and Corrosion-Rate Analysis. Samples were subjected to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) – Surface Vehicle Standard, J2334 Cosmetic Cyclical Corrosion Lab Test to accelerate the corrosion process, simulating long-term field conditions. Micro-cracks and pores were identified in the final finished surface that proved to be the point of origin of extensive corrosion that was the result of creep under the surface of the finish and ultimate delimitation.

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