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Abstract Introductory behavior analysis students did not have the prerequisite skills needed to analyze behavioral contingencies, despite the provision of a job aid, "Contingency-Diagram Criteria". This was evident in their scores on an initial assignment: "Chapter One: the Reinforcer". I modified the job aid and chapter one assignment and designed a concept training assignment, "Pre- Homework Homework", intended to teach students how to use the job aid when working through their analyses. Subjects were introductory behavior analysis students semi-randomly assigned to experimental and control groups. The experimental group received and completed the "Pre-Homework Homework" prior to the chapter one assignment. The control group consisted of the subjects who did not receive the "Pre-Homework Homework" until after completing the chapter one assignment. Preliminary data indicate approximately a 10% increase in scores on the chapter one assignment during the first testing (mean = 11.7/24 for experimental group; 10.6/24 for control group.) Further revisions of the instructional materials are suggested, such as modeling the concept-training assignment after programmed instructional materials and extensive examination of the critical attributes of behavioral contingencies.

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