Kelly Fiala

Date of Defense

Summer 7-3-1998

First Advisor

Donna Ritenour, Intercollegiate Athletics

Second Advisor

Sue Kovats Bell, Bronson Hospital

Third Advisor

Sandra J. Hoffman, Intercollegiate Athletics


Within the human body, physical balances must be maintained to assure its proper function. Homeostasis is defined as the maintenance of a dynamic steady state by regulatory mechanisms that compensate for changes in external circumstances (Lehninger, 426). Along with many other physiological systems of the human body, the circulatory system has a regulation for its maintenance. One such regulation includes the prevention of abnormal loss of blood, hemostasis. When a person incurs a wound, the blood must form a clot to prevent abnormal blood loss. With anything in life, complications may arise, the system that allows for blood to clot is no different. Failure of hemostasis can result in bleeding and may even last for days following injury. Hemophilia is a well known example of hemostasis failure (Rizza, 502). Discusses the types of sports that athletes with hemophilia can perform and how to manage injuries.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only