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First Advisor

Delores Arendsen

Second Advisor

Maggie Carriker


This thesis is a qualitative analysis of a project that began when I worked in the Nursing Administration office at Saint Mary's Mercy Medical Center (SMMMC). The Clinical Quality Management Department has the responsibility for the Clinical Pathway Program of which Critical Progress Indicator Tools are part of the pathway. I became involved in the project because: 1) the Clinical Quality Management Department did not have the personnel available to create the critical progress indicator tool and spreadsheet and 2) the Nursing Administration Department was challenged in attempting to find long-term projects for me. The person who approached me to help get the Critical Progress Indicator Tools started for the Clinical Pathway Program was the Clinical Pathway Coordinator for SMMMC. I was invited to help determine if the Critical Progress Indicator Tool was a method by which the hospital could monitor its many Clinical Pathways and indicators. Personal attributes for its project were 1) a background in computers and mathematics, 2) data analysis skills and 3) the ability to enter data efficiently allowing the hospital a reasonable amount of time to check if the Critical Progress Indicator Tools were successfully capturing the needed data.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only