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Dr. Joyce Thompson

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Dr. Mary Ann Stark

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Dr. Mary Lagerwey


Initially when researching how to best use the opportunity to travel to the United Kingdom (U.K.) and integrate the exploration of midwifery practice into an honors thesis research project, many ideas emerged. One stood out in particular. As an American nursing student, only one form of U.S. midwifery practice had been observed; namely, where the expectant mother receives care from a multitude of practitioners. This care was observed both in a large tertiary center and smaller community hospitals. Unknown prior to researching the history of midwifery, however, a model of midwifery care called One-to-One began in 1993 in England (Page, 2003). The student researcher became intrigued with this model as she explored the literature. In this model, the expectant mother works with only one or two midwives during the course of her pregnancy and birth. Continuity of care is stressed, providing for an ongoing and personal relationship between each woman and her midwife. Many facets of midwifery practice could be studied, but the strength of the relationship that occurs with the One-to-One model was particularly fascinating.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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