Date of Defense




First Advisor

Dr. Mary Lagerwey

Second Advisor

Mary Baukus

Third Advisor

Helen Palleschi


Planning the 4th annual WMU Bronson School of Nursing scholarly event, The Hands of Caring, proved to be an enormous challenge. The process of organizing and implementing such an event was a collaborative effort; not only for myself and my thesis committee members, but for other members of the faculty and nursing community as well. The main objective for my honors thesis includes understanding and implementing the planning and execution of a scholarly and professional nursing event. Further objectives include: providing stimulating and informative information through the use of expert speakers on the topic of caring, constructing and learning the application process for continuing education credits for registered nurses, completing the application per the standards of the continuing education provider's guidelines, and developing an appreciation for the planning process of a scholarly event.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only