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Occupational Therapy


The purpose of this study was to determine whether life review could be used as an effective therapeutic treatment modality with elderly nursing home residents. Recent data indicated increased pathology among the aged and addressed the need for effective therapy. Life review was proposed to be one such therapeutic intervention strategy thought to enhance the coping mechanisms of the elderly in the areas of: maintenance of self esteem, resolution of grief, justification of life when faced with impending death, and coping with stress. There was inconclusive evidence that life review promoted maintenance of self esteem, encouraged the resolution of grief, or facilitated the justification of life when faced with impending death. However, the literature supported the use of life review to relieve stress. Further, variables that affected the content and frequency of life review were identified. The use of the life review as an evaluative tool as well as the role life review played in psychotherapy with both individual groups is discussed.

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